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losing you to you

i can almost see you

Chloe Syne's FanFiction and Original Stories
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Just a place to put all of my writings.
'And we write because we bleed words in all of our dealings, because we speak words that hold far too many meanings for simply one language to encompass, because we drown in words until all that remains is the seed of an idea -- the core of a concept slated to appear over and over again, in a myriad of different shades, shapes, colors, sizes, textures and nuances. We write because the words would fill us, until we cried and bled only mangled letters that had once stood to mean something in particular. We write because we could not speak otherwise -- because there would be long silences permeated only by the barren emptiness of a world without durable knowledge, without inspiration and without the means to pass a message to those who will live long before our bones will have turned into so much dust.'

Disclaimer: I own nothing at all in terms of people or things that are familiar to you. I do own all my original things, so don't bother trying to steal them. I will hunt you down and eat you. Think I'm kidding? Try me. I dare ya. Otherwise, read and have fun.

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Writing Challenges I Have Completed
7snogs~~7secrets~~5_times~~10pastryhearts~~story_lottery Round Two Fall 2009~~drabble123~~10iloveyou~~nospeakingrule~~7_sins_virtues~~solitaire3~~story_lottery Round Three Spring 2010



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