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Love Is Not A Victory March IV

Title: Love Is Not A Victory March
Chapter Title: You Should've Known Better
Rating: R
Fandom: Savage Garden
Pairing: Daniel/Darren
Warnings: Slash, mild dub-con, sexual content
Author's Notes: Took me forever to write this up. Got distracted with other fandoms. :D? Special thanks to dr_jasley who does amazing things to my word count.
Prompt: Devious at 100moods 
Progress: 4/??
Summary: Daniel teases and confuses Darren.



After waking up at seven in the morning, I groan and get up to go to the bathroom to take a shower, knowing I won't be going back to sleep. The events of the night before hit me like a ton of bricks and I grab onto the sink, wincing as I remembered exactly how I treated Darren. I'll be lucky if he ever speaks to me again. Who am I kidding? He probably hates me now.


I step into the hot shower and sigh as the water slides down my body. I don't have that much time to enjoy it though because I want to talk to Darren before we have to go eat breakfast with the rest of the band and Leonie. I quickly scrub the night off of me and wash my hair faster than normal. In my haste, I get shampoo in my eyes and curse loudly, reaching out blindly for the towel just outside the shower. I wipe my eyes and blink, clearing them.


I finish up my shower without any more mishaps and step out onto the rug, allowing myself to just drip onto it, a puddle forming around my feet. I watch it grow bigger for a moment before snagging another towel and roughly dragging it though my hair and then wrapping it around my waist. I walk back into my room and dig through my clothes. I settle on a jeans and a t-shirt and pull them on. I grab Darren's room key out of my other pair of pants and give myself a once over, deciding that I look fine and head out the door, padding barefoot across the hall to Darren's room.


I slip inside quietly, smirking when I hear the water running. Good, he's in the shower. I take a seat on the couch and wait for him to get through. I don't have to wait long as five minutes later, the bathroom door opens, steam billowing out and he walks out and yelps, seeing me on his couch. He blushes this pretty pink color, dropping his hand from his hair to grip the towel around his waist a little tighter.


“Um, what are you doing here?” He says, wincing after he says it. I laugh to myself.


I arch an eyebrow at him and say, “Well, good morning to you too.”


He blinks at me, looking adorably confused. “Good morning.”


I stand from the couch and walk closer to him. He backs up until I've got him pinned against the bathroom door. I press one hand to the bathroom door to the side of his head and grin wickedly down at him. I know he's confused and that I'm starting to freak him out, but I like him like this.


“So, uh, what are you doing?” He stutters, still looking confused and slightly scared.


“Apologizing for last night. I overreacted and I'm sorry. I don't hate you. I could never hate you.” I lean closer, letting my breath caress him, watching in amusement as he shivers and goosebumps break out along his neck and down his shoulders. I grin even wider at him.


“You're forgiven. I'm glad you don't hate me.” He smiles at me, but I can tell he wants to say more, but doesn't want to push me either. That's not all I want from him right now though.


I'm so close to him that I can feel the heat of the shower coming off of him and I can see the rapidly drying water droplets on his skin. I lick my lips in anticipation and watch as his eyes drop to follow the movement. I smirk when he looks back up at me, knowing he got caught looking. It's alright baby, I want you to look. I want you to want me.


I lean even closer to him, pressing my hips against him and listening to his quiet gasp of shock with pleasure. I bring my other hand up and trace his ribs lightly, grinning as he twitches. He's always been ticklish. He looks like he wants to say something, so I seal my lips over his, swallowing his words. It's better than I imagined. His lips are soft and pliant beneath my own and it's easy to part them with my tongue. I stroke his tongue with mine and try to get him to kiss me back. He unfreezes and his hands leave his towel and tangle in my hair, wrenching a moan from me.


I kiss him even harder, more fierce, as one of my hands grip his hip and the other stays on the door by his head. When I break the kiss, his lips are red and swollen and oh so pretty. I rest my forehead against his and let our breath mingle in the space between us. I open my eyes and watch him watch me. I know he's wondering what the hell is going on. I mean, yesterday I was telling him I hated him and now today I'm kissing him. Bound to be confusing that pretty head of his. Good.


I brush my lips across his one last time before straightening up and walking back to his room door. I look back at him, smile, and tell him I'll see him later and that we'll talk about this after the show. Also, he's got about ten minutes to get ready and be downstairs. I leave him there, leaning against the bathroom door in just a towel, lips red and wet, looking utterly debauched. I don't know how I managed to tear myself away from him, but somehow I did. It took a lot of will power though, I will admit that.


I walk back into my room and slide my shoes on and make my way to the elevators slowly. There's really no need for me to rush as I'm not the one who'll have Leonie on my ass if I'm late, so I take my time and eventually end up at the breakfast table. I barely finish stirring my cup of coffee before Darren drops down into the seat next to me, flushed and panting slightly. He smiles brilliantly at Leonie, who just glares at him. I smother a smile in the rim of my mug and take a sip of the coffee.


I watch absently as he pours sugar into his coffee and spreads cream cheese on his Danish. He looks over at me and I smile at him which he returns weakly, still obviously confused about everything that happened in his room this morning. He flinches when I drop my hand on his thigh and I grin again, taking another drink of my coffee so no one asks about it. He looks around the table, trying to tell if anyone noticed his reaction and then glares at me out of the corner of his eye.


I squeeze his leg gently and he sucks in a sharp breath, looking around the table again. He glares at me again, not pleased that I'm messing with him in front of the others and wanting me to knock it off. I grin at him and slide my hand higher, fingers tracing his zipper. He freezes with his mug halfway to his mouth causing Leonie to look at him with concern and ask if he's okay.


He nods at her and she looks him over one last time before going back to talking with Lee. He looks over at me again and reaches down to push me away, but I move faster than he does and before he can really move, I've got his jeans undone and am sliding my hand past the waistband of his boxers. I drag my fingers across his smooth hipbone and he shudders at my touch. I smirk, loving the affect I have on him.


The others have finished up and are starting to leave now. Ben asks if we're coming and I smirk as I tell him we will in a minute after we finish. Ben nods and leaves, and it's just the two of us now. He looks at me and starts to say something, but I press my lips against his. I can't resist sucking on his bottom lip as I brush my fingers lightly across the head of his hardening cock before pulling away from him completely.


I stand up and grab a napkin, wiping my hand off and telling him to hurry up, we don't want to keep the others waiting. I smirk at him and head out of the dining area to wait with the others in the lobby for the car to take us to the venue so we can have sound check. The show should be very interesting.


Tags: challenge: 100moods, fandom: savage garden, pairing: daniel/darren, story: love is not a victory march

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