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Prompt Table for Fandomwords100

afraid afterlife alien angel apparition bat black cat blood bone casket
cat cauldron cemetery cobweb coffin corpse costume crypt darkness dead
demon devil death dress-up eerie elf enchant evil fangs fantasy
fear fog ghost grave grim reaper gruesome halloween haunt headstone horrify
howl imp jack-o'lantern kimono king lantern light macabre magic masquerade
midnight mist monster moon morbid mysterious night nightmare ninja october
otherworldly owl party phantom poltergeist potion prank pumpkin quiver repulsive
revolting rip robe scary scream shadow skeleton spell spider spirit
spooky supernatural superstition terrify thrilling tombstone trick-or-treat unearthly unnerving vampire
vanish warlock web weird werewolf wicked witchcraft wizard wraith zombie
Tags: challenge: fandomwords100, prompt table

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